Have Your Voice Heard In Colorado Springs Criminal Law

No one plans to have a run-in with the law. Many people who do end up investigated or arrested for a crime not only struggle to have their voices heard — but they also struggle to get a fair and just outcome in the criminal justice system.

Whether or not you are guilty of the allegations against you, the punishment before you likely outweighs the crime. Every key player in law enforcement, prosecution and even incarceration is motivated to hand out severe sentences. Unfortunately, these consequences disproportionately fall on the shoulders of minorities and people of lower socio-economic means.

Before you talk to an officer or cooperate in an investigation, make sure you have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. I am Christine Dieringer, and I can make sure your rights are upheld. Contact my office — Dieringer Law Firm — today.

The Opportunity To Get Out Of Trouble

Criminal defense is about more than dropped charges, reduced charges or reduced sentences. While these are the goals of any criminal case, I know that ultimately my clients are looking for a path out of the criminal justice system. They have families to protect. They have a job to keep. They need a way to build toward a successful future.

To this end, I help my clients address the current legal matter as well as the future implications of those legal matters. For example, if my client comes to me with a first offense DUI or DWAI, I look for ways to make sure the charge has the least possible impact on his or her driving record while also minimizing the immediate potential for fines and incarceration.

Avoiding The Consequences Of Multiple Convictions

Why is this important? Because every criminal conviction only makes a later conviction that much more problematic. Many charges that would otherwise be classified as misdemeanors turn into felonies when compounded. I want to make sure you walk away with the cleanest record possible, whether you face a serious traffic violation, a violent crime, or a drug crime like possession or trafficking.

Available When You Need Your Defense Attorney Most

Criminal investigations and arrests happen at all hours of the day. I make myself available directly for my clients so that when they call me, they get to speak to me. I want to step in as early as possible in every case to protect my clients from saying things that would only further incriminate them.

I can be reached nights and weekends if needed, and can make jail and home visits as necessary. Contact my office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to arrange an appointment. I can be reached online or by telephone at 719-247-2382.